Terra Labor Consulting Group's Insight on Texas HB 4337 Legislation



The transportation sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring the movement of commercial and transported goods. With the new Texas HB 4337 legislation, we have observed important modifications affecting commercial vehicles in Texas. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest news so that you can avoid difficulties as this new law goes into effect. Terra Labor Consulting Group would like to bring awareness to these changes in order to keep both businesses and employees informed.


Texas HB 4337 requires employers to verify that their drivers hold either a CDL or CLP. This underscores the importance of having proper employment documents for anyone working for a US company. It's essential for drivers to not only possess a CDL or CLP but to also provide evidence of their employment status, which may be a work visa or proof of residency. If you are a U.S. resident with a foreign CDL, you will need to get a Temporary Commercial Operator (CTO) Permit due to your legal residence status in the US.


For those who have B-1 permits, which are specifically for business activities in the US, there are specific constraints brought on by the Texas HB 4337 legislation. Such drivers can only operate on routes that begin and end between the US and Mexico. Their movements are dictated not only by Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines but also by immigration rules. It's essential to be aware that DOT inspectors have been granted the authority to uphold immigration laws, even if their primary duty is ensuring the validity of the CDL.


In conclusion, the Texas HB 4337 introduces significant changes that impact both local and international commercial drivers operating in Texas. Recognizing CDLs and CLPs across Mexico, Canada, and the US highlights the need for consistent standards. As the transportation realm continues to evolve, grasping the nuances of CDLs, CLPs, and related immigration regulations becomes essential for US commercial drivers. At Terra Labor Consulting Group, we are here to assist you in navigating these changes.