meet terralabor team

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Delia Pacheco


Delia has been in the agricultural and construction industry for over 10 years. Growing up in a very hard working family, at a very young age, she became a supervisor in the corn fields in Iowa. Delia experienced first-hand the importance of having a reliable and qualified manpower team. While attending the University of Houston for a Bachelor's of Arts, she held positions within the Oil & Gas industrial and commercial construction sectors. As she grew professionally and moved into higher positions within the construction industry, she became an expert of the H2-B program. Her roles included personnel management, orientations, recruitment, and many other major roles within the Human Resources field. Eventually, she had the opportunity to merge forces with an immigration legal firm where she learned the ins and outs of the programs from another angle. Since 2019, she has become the leader and president of what is now Terra Labor. Everyone who knows Delia, identifies her as a caring and hard working professional.

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Vicky Cerda

Director of Craft Labor Services

When it comes to knowledge in the industrial, commercial and residential construction industry, you cannot be in better hands. Vicky is a professional, detailed-oriented and passionate individual who can easily identify and help you build a manpower plan that will meet your personnel needs. Whether it is a small project or a multimillion operation that requires a precise and complex strategic staffing plan, Vicky can take the challenge. As our Director of Craft Labor Services, she is a fundamental part of our success and an invaluable asset to our leadership team. Vicky brings to our firm more than twelve years of experience in project management in the construction industry and a vast knowledge in the transportation sector as well. She is bilingual: Spanish and English.

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Daren Call

Business Development Manager

With over 15 Years of experience in customer support, Daren Call has demonstrated outstanding customer retention by cultivating connections with clients in a variety of marketplaces, problem-solving, and troubleshooting with the outside sales team.

He is a self-starter with good interpersonal and communication skills, who is fiercely competitive, extremely effective, and prolific, making him a model employee on our team. Daren graduated from Southwestern AG College in Waxahachie, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in Business and communications. He is an excellent professional who has a wide range of talents that convert into high productivity and have been demonstrated to be effective in practice.


Brittany McDonald

CMC Manager

Our Case Manager, Brittany, is a dedicated, kind, and helpful worker with paralegal and case management experience. She is never a second late to support our clients beyond her capabilities, so you can expect Brittany to treat each case like a personal endeavor. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston – Downtown and has demonstrated multiple skills since she started her career. Her ability to understand and properly interpret various federal policies and regulations makes her a valuable member of our team. We’re proud to call Brittany a member of the Terralabor family, and we are sure our clients will find her just as pleasant and trustworthy as we do.


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Victor Rivera

Case Manager

With strong teamwork spirit, multitasking, time management skills, and outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills, Victor demonstrated an excellent capacity to build relationships with all kinds of individuals. He possesses a Juris Doctor from Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law. As an Attorney, he is a valuable component of our case management team because of his excellent conduct of research and analysis of legal problems as well as his observational and judgment skills, which contribute significantly to our operation. Everyone who knows Victor, Identifies him as a passionate and reliable human being and above all a good listener. He is a Bilingual professional: English and Spanish.

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Cely Hernandez

Case Analyst

As a case analyst, Cely is Responsible, self-assured, organized, and committed to offering our clients an effective service. Her experience makes her very well-equipped in handling different tasks seamlessly. Recently graduated with a master’s in health education from the European Center for Master and Postgraduates, she strives to provide exceptional service, is constantly eager to assist people and her attention to detail makes her an outstanding part of our case management team. Anyone who knows Cely can attest to her compassion, commitment, and kindness. She is a bilingual professional: English and Spanish.


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Thelma López

Case Analyst

Thelma is a positive, detail-oriented, and professional Case Analyst. She possesses a strong understanding of our corporate goals while remaining an approachable, kind worker. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Technological University of México, and her valuable experience in two countries has created a unique skillset that can provide our clients with a fresh perspective. With strong organizational and analytic skills, we consider Thelma as one of our brightest minds in any case, and we trust her vision and understanding whenever we handle every step of our legal process. Thelma is an optimistic, result-oriented professional who brings something unique to each one of us, and we’re proud that she is one of Terralabor’s human assets. She is bilingual: English and Spanish

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Adriana García

Case Analyst

Adriana’s charisma is only matched by her personable communication skills as a Case Analyst. She possesses an Associate’s Degree in Business from San Jacinto Community College and is excellent problem solver. Adriana has had her fair share of international experience, and she has the bilingual skills to prove it, attesting to her fondness for shortening the language barrier between people. We’re ecstatic to have Adriana in our ranks, and we trust that you will find her magnetic personality as lovable as we do. She is bilingual: English and Spanish.



Rosa Moquete

Director of Administration

Order, efficiency, and accountability is what represents Rosa. As a growing business, we could not be in better hands. Mrs. Moquete possesses a bachelor's degree in Management Marketing from the University of Pedro Henriquez Urena in the Dominican Republic. As an integral member of our management team, she is a proficient professional with plenty of knowledge in management, marketing, human resources and other business fields. As a former quality coordinator in the civil aviation industry, we are proud to have her in our Terra Labor team. Besides her experience and education, Rosa is an outstanding human being and a loving and caring individual with a huge heart. We can say that she is everybody's friend. Her love for life and her work ethics is what makes her a perfect fit for our operation. She is bilingual: Spanish and English.


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Viviana Lucero

HR Specialist

Our Human Resources Specialist, Viviana, has been an integral addition to the team because she establishes and builds a strong organizational culture in the work environment. With a degree in Business Management from Lone Star College, Viviana understands the workings and necessities our office requires every day. She has extensive experience with multiple businesses and offices that have provided her with the knowledge to handle a diverse pool of people and help them with anything they need. Viviana is responsible for establishing qualification requirements for employment with managers and mediates between candidates and hiring managers. With a positive attitude, outstanding communicational skills, and an understanding nature, we know Viviana is instrumental for our success. She is bilingual: English and Spanish


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Luis Navarro

International Recruitment Liaison

When it comes to your International personnel, Luis will coordinate the most suitable recruitment campaign for your project. As a recruitment professional based in Mexico City, Mexico, he is in charge of coordinating all the stages of recruitment including candidate selection, screening, testing and personnel logistics. Luis possesses a Bachelor's of International Commerce from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico. He has vast experience in corporate operations including recruitment, human resources, training, and all other related areas. Luis is in charge of a database with over 20 thousand skilled workers willing and qualified for your project. In addition, he has developed a network of governmental and private agencies who can be part of your recruitment campaign. If you need foreign personnel, we can count on it.


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Yosra Kharbeche

Marketing Manager

Creative marketing strategist with excellent communication skills, leadership skills, client relations, negotiation and a strong motivation to succeed. She is an expert when it comes to targeting audience research and attracting prospects. As a Strategic Marketing Manager, Yosra is a professional who is responsible for executing the strategies and plans that establish brand consistency and increase sales within the company. She possesses a master's in marketing and a minor in E-commerce from the EAE Business School in Madrid, Spain. She is a quadrilingual professional: French, Arabic, English and Spanish. Everyone who knows Yosra, identify her as a hard-working professional, who makes a positive impact within and for the company.

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Daniela Desire Diaz

Graphic Designer

In many companies, creativity is a factor that is often overlooked for profit reasons. Terralabor is a company where creativity and artistry take a forefront seat, and we can confidently say this because of our talented Graphic Designer, Daniela. She’s a talented, certified artist from Venezuela whose passion and skills are only matched by her affable personality. Her creative process makes her a bright artist, and with almost 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, we can confidently say her art direction skills are the best match for our company. Starting out with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication Illustration in the Caracas Design Institute, Daniela has always been someone who visualizes her next goal and reaches it with a combination of hard work and determination. A kind-hearted, quick-witted designer, Daniela is a vital part of our community, and we’re always joyful to be a conduit for her incredible creations and designs. She is bilingual: English and Spanish

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Stephanie Campos


As a company, we know the importance of first impressions. We’re compromised to bring you the necessary knowledge to navigate each legal process, and as such, we prioritize bringing you valid and updated information. Stephanie is our handy Copywriter who makes sure of individually asserting and checking the information we make available to you. As an honors student of the University of Houston – Downtown, Stephanie brings a refreshing perspective with her Bachelor’s Degree in English. Her educational background has equipped her with the people skills necessary to make sure information is universally available, and her bilingual skills make her an empathic figure to our clients. Stephanie is a valuable person to our team not only because of her writing and communication skills, but because she truly knows how to condense and present information on any topic in the best possible way. We are proud to add Stephanie’s stamp of approval to all the facts and statistics on our website. She is bilingual: English and Spanish.

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Gerardo Gallegos

Director of Technology

From data management to automation to mere communication, Gerardo is what provides all these services to Terra Labor. As our Director of Technology, Gerardo's main objective is to make sure that the technologies that are essential to our business are secure and high-performing. He posseses a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Techonology from the University of the Valley of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico.